Jaymech Cheese Grater

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Jaymech Cheese Grater

            Model 750

            Refurbished to guaranteed good working condition

            Whole 25 kg cheese block Grater

            With cross cut blades for shred length

            Pneumatic push ram

            New logic control system fitted

            New main shaft bearings

            Rotating grating disc    

            Currently 6 mm other sizes can be purchased

            Stainless steel construction

            Requires electric and air supplies

            Motor 9.2 Kw with brake

            Refurbished to good order

            Different size grating discs cost from £600 to £800 plus vat each

            Extra disc holders cost £960 plus vat this makes a much quicker size change.

Overall size 200 cm long x 83 cm wide x 200 cm high

Loading height 141 cm  to suit tote bin – this height can be changed