World supplier of Meat Mincer Mixer & Kebab Meat Mixer Bowl Cutter for cheese and meat

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World supplier of 2nd hand food machines
Machines Food's Factory

        Machines 4 Food Ltd
        Unit 40
        Second Avenue
        Westfield Trading Est
        BA3 4BH

       Tel No 00 44 (0)1761 410345
       Fax No 00 44 (0)1761 410332


                       New and used Food Processing Machinery Supplier


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Fatosa Processing machines, ATM Vacuum Packers, Robot Coupe Veg /Fruit Prep and Carso Tote bin hoists

Fatosa machines are exceptional value, SAVE OVER 30,000 off

A NEW FATOSA 120 LITRE BOWL CUTTER, variable speed at 55,000 + vat

For meat processing, cheese production, poultry further processing, packaging and wrapping, sausage, burgers, grated and diced cheese machines.

A brief overview of our used machines below

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Loma ISC Metal Detector 500 x 130, Incline stainless steel screw, Butcherboy 200/52 Mixer Grinder, Thompson frozen meat block Flaker, Wolfking 400/160 Mixer Grinder, Ulma Pacific Flow wrapper, Hobart 56 Mincer flat pan, Biro 56 Mincer, Laska 400 litre all stainless Z arm Mixer, Laska 400 Z arm Mixer painted base, stainless Z arms, Asgo Z arm Mixer 450 litres,  Weiler 1107 all stainless steel Grinder, Weiler 878 Grinder for flaked meat, Boldt incline screw auger,  Handtmann VF 200 Vacuum Filler for sausages, Uniball 225 litre concrete style tumbler,  Single stage cheese cutters, tote bin hoists, Vemag 500 vacuum Filler, Weiler 1109 Grinder for flaked frozen meat, Complete cheese grating bagging line, Risco 450 Mixer, Koppens PU 400 Breader, Ishida multihead and Ilapak Bagging line, VC 999 large Dip Tank Model ST1,Gunther PI3060 Injector, One Trolley smoker, GSP 55 SE Flowrapper,  Butcher Boy 8 inch Mincer, Ruhle 56 Needle Injector, Arcall C23 two stage cheese cutter, Vemag sausage portioner Model LPG 202, Apollo sausage peeler for skinless sausages,  Posentti 250 Kg twin paddle Mixer, Bilwinco 5Kg Linear weigher with conveyor, Prins 14 head weigher year 2006,  Koppens 600 mm line with former, Coat & Fry preduster, batter and breader, Koppens VM 600 HS Former, Stainless steel 800 roller bed bandsaw, AEW 400 bandsaw, AEW 350 Bandsaws x 2,  Ross GU 200 Meat portioner, Electrolux Cooker combi Trolley cooker,  SP Depositor large volume, Ilpra Tray Sealer Model Speedy gas flush, Lutetia vacuum tumbler 400 Kg,Summan semi auto Dip Tank, Used tray sealers,Spako through door cooker trolley loaded, Food Mixers,  Treif  120 Dicer with wire cutting frame for cheese, Bratt pans 80 to 160 litres, New Depositors Fillers, Turbotool Depositors,  Nilma auto Pasta Cooker, Busch 400 Vacuum Pump, Tote bin hoist tipping 1.8 high, Rex 200 litre stainless steel bowl cutter,  Vacuum Packers,  Wolfking Valient 140 Mixer Grinder,  Cryovac CJ 51 Heat Shrink Tunnel, Lazy Suzy 2 x machines, Wright Pugson C33 Cheese portion Cutter,  Fatosa 325 litre Vacuum Bowl Cutter, Coat & Fry 600 mm Preduster, Stein 300 mm Batter Enrober, Burger/chicken nugget/fish cake manufacturing line, Burger manufacturing line 600/800 Kg per hour, Hobart  4346 Mixer Grinders,  Fatosa new Frozen meat block Guillotine,  Sausage and beef burger manufacturing lines

Second Hand Food machines but first class quality

2nd hand food machinery refurbished to good condition

"Machines 4 Food Ltd" Supply new and refurbished machines to suit all types of production lines in the meat, fish, dairy, bakery and packaging industries.

At Machines 4 Food Ltd  we offer reliable refurbished machines with a full warranty and good back up service.

Ask about our service to refurbish your own machines

Check the clearance page for some bargains

Additionally you have a choice of a large selection of new machines.

From Fatosa we offer Fillers, Mixers, Vacuum Mixers, Bowl Cutters, Mincers, Frozen block Flakers & Guillotines.

From ATM & Tecnotrip we offer Vaccum Packers, Vacuum Tumblers, Tray sealers, Vacuum Filler Linkers.

From Robot Coupe we offer a huge range of catering and production machines including Vertical Cutter Mixers with vacuum facility, Blixers with mix arms, Hand Held Mixing Sticks, Sieves and Juicers, Vegetable Preparation and Food Processors.

From Carso we offer Tote bin and Dolav tippers to any tip height

From Machines 4 Food Ltd we offer new cookers as shelf loading or through door single trolley
Refurbished warranteed machines cost under half the price of new machines.9 times out of ten the machines are fitted with brand new electrical components which carry a 12 month warranty. Top name brands, Alpina, Laska, Wolfking, CFS, AEW Thurne, Loma, Cintex, Safeline, Koppens, Stein,Coat and Fry,Turbotool, Apple, Risco, Velati,Lutetia, Eller, Weiler, Wetter, Kilia, KT, Thompson, Marel, Hobart,Injectstar, Rhule, Ward Bekker, Radpak, Posiweigh, Ishida,Yamato, Fatosa, Carsoe, Rex Duker, Handtmann, Vemag, Urschel, Fam, Nilma, Robot Coupe, Bastra, Fessman, Summan, Rapidaire, Kerres

Whatever your needs, buying, selling or a quote for machines please contact Machines 4 Food Ltd.

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