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Refurbished Stock Section: Mixer's/ Enrobers & Breader's / Fryer's
IFM 1,000 litre Twin Ribbon Mixer

SPECIAL OFFER -  Twin ribbon mixer

Fully refurbished for 16,000


Tel No 00 44 (0)1761 410345
Email sales@machines4food.co.uk

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Refurbished Machines

Dorit Vacuum Tumbler

Model 2200, capacity 1,000 Kg, offered refurbished to good working order with vacuum pump, new process controls.

Very keen price, delivery 4 weeks from order


Koppens Former

Model 600 HS, screw feed machine, 4 x feed screws in the hopper

Variable speed up to 50 strokes per minute, hydraulic ram operation.

In excellent condition.

Offered in good working condition


Coat and Fry Preduster

just coming into stock for refurbishment

Stainles ssteel construction

Belt width 600 mm wide, air fan blow off

Offered refurbished to good working order

Batter and Breading systems

640 mm wide belt.

Curtain type Enrobers with standard bread crumb machine.

All stainles steel construction

In stock to be refurbished


Lutetia vacuum Tumbler

Model Type 1Offered refurbished to good working order.

Capacity up to 400 Kg of product, new process controls.


Ross Needle Tenderiser

Model TC700M

Offered refurbished to good working order, stainless steel construction, wire rod conveyor belt.

Delivery 3 weeks from deposit



Gunther Injector

Model P3060

Bone in bone out machine with 60 needles.

Belt width

Overall length

In to be refurbished

Vacuum Tumbler 220 litres

Stainless steel construction, mounted on wheels, inner drum rotating in a vacuum chamber, tipping manual discharge, Busch vacuum pump

Offered refurbished to good working condition with an option of process timers.

New Cheese Mixing / Flavour drum

All stainless steel construction, variable speed control through an Inverter.

Drum diameter 780 mm, length 1,250 mm

3 inner paddles

Brand new 5,900 plus vat

Ruhle meat Injector

56 needles, moving belt 325 mm

Overall length 1.32 metres

For bone in and boneless product

In to be refurbished, very tidy machine

Internal filter system,

Posentti Twin Paddle Mixer

Capacity 300 litres, stainless steel construction, forward and reverse mix action, tipping discharge by manual handle.

Mounted on wheels

In stock to be refurbished