World dealers buying and selling New and Used Food processing machines, exporters of refurbished machines for 30 years for meat processing, cheese production, poultry further processing, packaging and wrapping, sausage, burgers former, grated and diced cheese machines.

At Machines 4 Food Ltd we offer reliable refurbished machines with a full warranty and good back up service.

New process machines can sometimes be on a long delivery time from order or because of their high purchase price it is hard to warrant the cost on developing new start up production lines This is where a good refurbished machine can get you going quicker and cheaper to build the business with sales before deciding on new machines Some 2nd hand machines are here ready for delivery others may only take a few weeks to refurbish whereas new supply can be up to 16 weeks.

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Bizerba A560 Slicer

Bizerba A560 Slicer

Model: A560

Bizerba A560 Slicer

Year 2020

For cooked meats, bacon, cheese products

Stacks, shingles, bulk slices

Service4d by Bizerba

In excellent condition

Bizerba A560 SlicerYear 2020For cooked meats, bacon, cheese productsStacks, shingles, bulk slicesSer..
Packing conveyor two tier

Packing conveyor two tier

Model: Two Tier

Packing conveyor two tier

6.5 metre long conveyors

500 mm wide belts

Bottom belt an intralox plastic type

Top belt flexi pvc belt

Variable speed belts

Top belt used for boxes

Bottom belt with side tables for packing

Packing conveyor two tier6.5 metre long conveyors500 mm wide beltsBottom belt an intralox plastic ty..
Converger 3 lane conveyor

Converger 3 lane conveyor

Model: 3 lane

Converger 3 lane conveyor

Stainless steel construction

In very tidy condition

New control system

Converger 3 lane conveyorStainless steel constructionIn very tidy conditionNew control system..
Silverson Mixer

Silverson Mixer

Model: BX

Silverson Mixer Year 2012

Model BX

Rating 0.75 Kw 

Voltage 3 phase 415 volts 50 Hz

Stainless steel Mixer

Stainless steel mobile trolley with hydraulic lift for rise and fall into a vessel

Silverson Mixer Year 2012Model BXRating 0.75 Kw Voltage 3 phase 415 volts 50 HzStainless steel ..
Pet Food mince line

Pet Food mince line

Model: Kilia 130 Mincer

Pet Food mince line

Frozen meat block 

Carnitech Frozen Meat block 

Feeding to a Scansteel Giraffe vertical feed

Scansteel Giraffe feeding to a Kilia Mixer Grinder 130 mince head, Z arm mixer

Mince into tote bins

Butcherboy mobile tote bin loader feeding into Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Filler

Vemqag Robot 500 vacuum Filler for portion meat or chubb packs

Pet Food mince lineFrozen meat block Carnitech Frozen Meat block Feeding to a Scansteel Gi..
Rex 125 Bowl Cutter

Rex 125 Bowl Cutter

Model: RK-125 SLF

Rex 125 Bowl Cutter

Year 2009

All stainless steel bowl Cutter

Capacity 125 litres

Two speed knife shaft with an additional mix speed

Three speed bowl

Unloader arm

Motor 33.5 Kw

Rex 125 Bowl CutterYear 2009All stainless steel bowl CutterCapacity 125 litresTwo speed knife shaft ..
Urschel GKA vegetable cutter

Urschel GKA vegetable cutter

Model: GK-A

Urschel GKA vegetable cutter

Cutter for dicing, strip cutting, slicing

Will work on potatoes, beetroot, carrots on most firm vegetables and fruits

Urschel GKA vegetable cutterCutter for dicing, strip cutting, slicingWill work on potatoes, beetroot..
Seydelmann 160 mm Mincer

Seydelmann 160 mm Mincer

Model: AG 160

Seydelmann 160 mm Mincer

All stainless steel Mincer

Model AG160

Three speed auger feed worm

Two speed main mincer worm

Electric power 42 Kw

Hopper capacity 400 litres

Cross feed auger feed worm

With integral 200 litre tote bin loader

Seydelmann 160 mm MincerAll stainless steel MincerModel AG160Three speed auger feed wormTwo speed ma..