Arcall Cheese Cutter

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Arcall Cheese Cutter 

  • Model C23 for portion cutting of 20 kg blocks of cheese
  • Two cutting actions
  • The conveyor feeds blocks into the machine.
  • Cutting frames to suit finished sizes

Find the best Arcall Cheese Cutter From Machines4Food

Working on a huge block of cheese can be a daunting task. Cutting and assembling cheese in the right shape and size can be done by Arcall cheese cutter. What sets it apart is the automatic analysis and positioning of the cheese blocks to cut them into appropriate sizes.

The road map to process the cheese-cutting business will smoothen out with the help of this machine. Check out the amazing features of the Arcall cheese cutter to add it to your list of possessions.

  • Best Engineered Arcall Machine

The Arcall Cheese cutter has the best fit of the axes and wires. The traditional cutters had a complicated set of setting up the block and then slicing it. Such a tedious task has been replaced with the help of the right sync of all the axes. The horizontal positioning of the wireline helps to cut the block weighing 20 kg with ease.

  • Portioning Accuracy

The conveyor belt and the cutter speed are appropriately matched to retrieve the best results in wedging cheese blocks. The main feature of the machine is the programmable automatic controller (PAC). The PAC technique helps to cut the cheese block into portions as required. The ability to provide cheese blocks in portions from the supplier's end is vital from an economical point of view.

Vouch for PAC introduced the Arcall Cheese Cutter Being Offered by Machines4Food

A block weighing 20-25 kg can be processed and cut in the appropriate size and shape by the manufacturers now. Machines4Food has come up with an amazing machine that has a synchronized fit of the belt, conveyor, wires, axes, power supplies and end buttons. The right implementation of the user manual would help as the best cheese cutter and assemble it accordingly. Look no further and vouch for this deal of the season. Get your cheese cutter today!