used food machines

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used food machines

New and refurbished Machines Current stock list at July 2019                       

New fatosa 35 litre Bowl Cutter, all stainless steel construction, 2 speed knife and bowl

New fatosa 150 litre Mixer, Model A150, single paddle Mixer with forward / reverse mix action, tipping

New ATM Gemini double chamber Vacuum Packer, all stainless steel construction                 

New ATM Vacuum Packer, Model packman XL, large single chamber, 3 phase electric           

New ATM Vacuum Packer, Model Packman, single chamber, with gas flush    

New ATM Table Top vacuum packer, single phase, new Model designed for long fish packs

New ATM Table Top Vacuum Packer, Model Culinary, single phase, single seal bar   

New Uniball Tumbler Mixer, concrete style mix action, 225 litres, electric tipping, variable speed

New Lazy Suzy table, 1200 mm diameter, single phase, variable

Summan water dip tank, stainless steel machine with rise and fall table, temperature controller 

Webomatic STC 600 hot water spray tunnel,  HMI controls, incline draining conveyor, excellent order

Talsa K80 Bowl Cutter, 20 litres capacity, 4 speeds variable up to 4,000 rpm, with unloader

Vemag Robby 1 – refurbished, has linking drive, portions , pumps. Ready for delivery

Vemag Robby 1 Vacuum Filler, supplied with pneumatic cutting head to suit dough, dumplings cheese etc

Vemag Model Robby 2 Vacuum Filler, with tote bin loader , portions and straight fills

Vemag HP15C Vacuum Filler, , set up to portion and straight fill       

Innotec Sausage Cutter, year 2008 high speed cutter, in to be refurbished

Stephan Emulsifier, Model MCH 15, motor 11 Kw, 2 x cutting sets, good running condition

Magurit double meat block Flaker, Model 318 coming in to be refurbished

Alexanderwerk 114 Mincer, manual mincer with 114 plate size, unger system, all stainless steel

Seydelmann ME 130 Mixer Mincer, two prong fork mix arm, degristler knives and plates

Weiler 868 Grinder, re tinned for frozen flaked meat, pet food etc, 50 HP motor, 8 inch mince plate

Weiler 16 inch, Model 1612 Grinder, being refurbished, 90 Kw motor for block or flake meat

Biro AFMG 48 Mixer Grinder, 32 Mincing head, hopper capacity 90 Kg

Hobart Mixer Grinder, Model 4356, 56 mince head, 200 kg hopper capacity, twin ribbon Mix arms

Hobart Giraffe screw, to feed directly out of a grinder and discharge at 1.8 metres high

Wolfking Mixer Grinder, Model 400/160, hopper capacity 400 litres, plate diameter 160 mm

Wolfking 600/200 Mixer Grinder, twin paddle mix arms, 600 litre hopper, 200 mm mince plate

Koppens VM 600 HS Former, twin feed screws, outfeed conveyor, in to be refurbished

Stein 400 Universal batter enrober,  for tempura or weir type enrobing 

Grasselli strip cutter, Model St 200, year 2016 can strip cut down to 5 mm wide x up to 40 mm thick

Selo Bolan 250 mm wide belt Snitzel Press, in to be refurbished   

Wright Pugson C30 Cheese Cutter, 2 stage right angle cutter, set up for 40 mm dice to suit a grate line

Wright Pugson C23 cheese cutter for portions wedges etc in line flow system with block turned

Spiral Mixer, fixed bowl, capacity 300 litres

Risco RS 200 Mixer , Twin paddle, capacity 150 litres, end door discharge,

Risco RS 450 Mixer, Twin Paddle, capacity 450 litres, end door discharge     

Risco RS 1300 Mixer, capacity 1,300 litres, twin paddle Mix, end door discharge

Formaco Injector, Model FMG 20/40,  to be refurbished

Weigh Bagging line complete, year 2010, full line with infeed conveyors and discharge Lazy Suzy etc

Bag Blower Loader, for 20 kg cheese blocks,         

OK Superseal hot air bag sealer paint finish refurbished

Saxon 5 Band sealer, , mounted on pedestal with conveyor option

conveyor , 5 metres long, belt width 280 mm, PVC blue belt type

Conveyor, 2 metres long, slatted belt, width 280 mm in good working order

Incline conveyor, to feed from the bottom of a flaker to 1.7 metres discharge height

Boldt Incline screw, 5.5 metres long x 400 mm diameter screw, adjustable height, being refurbished

Incline screw, 2.2 metres long x 350 mm diameter screw, discharge height to suit

KS Tote bin loader, low tip height, 1.0 / 1.4 metres tip       

Lakidis floor mounted 200 litre tote bin hoist, 1.8 / 2.0 metres tipping height

Syspal free standing 200 litre Tote bin hoist, 2.4 metres tipping height    

Racks for wellington boots, 24 pairs on a mobile trolley