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All stainless steel construction with nylon poly tableTable diameter 1200 mm, raised rail 60 mm high, variable speed, 3 phase electric or single phase electric

WhatMakes Lazy Suzy Round Table From Machines4Food Best of All to Use infactories?

A lazy Suzy table is a raised platform made with stainless steel. It works best to boilwater and milk in factories. The table diameter is 1200mm while ithas raised rail, which is 30mm high. The table has been constructedwith nylon poly holding a high melting point feature. Nylon iseffective in noise dampening. The best use of this table has been forboiling a good quantity of milk or water.

The electrification of the table is either a 3-phase or single phase. Itcan be easily carried from one to another with the help of a standattached to it. It is a must-have in the food and beverages industry.Still not satisfied with the features? Then check out the benefits itoffers to all.

  • High Abrasion Resistance

Nylon is resistant to abrasion, so no scraping or wearing away occurs. Thedual benefit of stainless steel and abrasion makes it suitable forboiling water and milk. Nylon has the property of most minorabsorption of water. Low absorption of moisture weakens lazySuzy table wearability properties.

  • Thermal Resistance

Excellent thermal resistance is high in demand among eateries. A high grade ofnylon has a high melting point, but once that is reached, it burnsrapidly. Hence, nylon makes the lazy Suzy table highly durable.

  • 3 phase electricity power

The3 phase electricity power supply makes it easier to balance the powerload. It provides excellent power density while keeping the wiringsize and cost lower.

VouchFor Lazy Suzy Table from Machines4Food

Thecombination of the features stated above makes theLazy Suzy table a great tool to use in factories and eateries. The measurements andthe machine's specifications make it ideal for the usual task ofboiling and preparing an item.