Vertical Cutter Mixers (VCM)

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   Vertical Cutter Mixers 

Model R23 capacity of 23 litres Model R30 capacity 28 litres Model R45 capacity 45 litres Model R60 capacity 60 litres All stainless steel construction, tipping discharge, option of vacuum.

Get the Best Vertical Cutter Mixers from Machines4Food

Baking and cooking demand tremendous effort from the chef. To mix and blend items within seconds, get the vertical cutter mixers installed in your factory. It will save your time and energy. It’s constructed of stainless steel to wash away stains without getting rusted.

For a fast-food center having this robot coupe, vertical cutter mixers is a blessing in disguise. It makes cutting and blending easy. The mixer has a bowl that allows the processing of meats, vegetables, etc. The high-horsepower cutter minces the item in the bowl in seconds. Take the best vertical cutter mixers to prepare your dishes by the experts and serve best.